Tuesday, 5 March 2019

House Front Elevation Designs

Elevation is the appearance of house above ground. Generally front elevation is drawn to give a view of the house that is going to be built. You can find lots of ideas for interior design but what about your exterior? It is the exterior which is going to create the first impression of your house. A good elevation design will give stylish and beautiful appearance to the house. So it is good to have an elevation plan ready before you construct if you are concerned about the appearance of your house. Here are some house front elevation designs for you to get ideas & inspirations for yourself.

Elevation Design #1

Painted in white with a touch of pink colour combined with wooden panel, stones and tree art works gives this house a sophisticated and stylish look.

Elevation Design #2

Grey colour plaster with brick design and architectural shapes and carvings with wooden door gives this modern street side house a beautiful and elegant elevation.

Elevation Design #3

Brick and stone design of this small two storied house with a front balcony gives it a beautiful and stylish exterior impression.

Elevation Design #4 

With open space and some greenery in front this light colour house with artistic touch of stone frame and a beautiful balcony to heighten the enjoyment of the outdoor showcase a sophisticated exterior.

Elevation Design #5

This apartment stand out different from the rest with artistic shape of the structure and the balcony to experience the outdoor environment.


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