Wednesday, 20 February 2019

House Plans

House Plans are the set of construction drawings in which the dimensions, materials, layouts and the construction technique of the house unit is explained in great details. A house plan is the combination of several drawings each explaining the specific portions and techniques of a building or house that is to be built. Here is a house plan and its virtual 3d walkthrough

A set of house plans includes the following drawings or plans : 

Site Plan

A site plan explains the exterior features surrounding the buildings or house. A preliminary survey is done and a site plan is prepared before drawing a floor plan. A site plan is the representation of proposed house plans and the elements like roads, rails, rivers, ponds, parking, drives and any other building units on a sheet of drawing paper drawn to a suitable scale. A site plan allows the engineers, the property owner and the builders to identify and exactly locate the piece of land with respect to other structure units on the map. A site plan helps in determining maximum utilization of the project by providing the construction details necessary to carry out the project.

Floor Plan

A floor plan gives the detailed explanation of the components associated with the house plans. A floor plan is the graphical representation of the bedrooms, kitchen, toilets, dinning, parking, porch, spaces, etc., of a house. Floor plan provides the dimension of each building units in details as well as the total area of the plot on which the construction is to be done. A detailed floor plan is necessary for the costing and estimation of the project. 

Elevation Plan

Elevation plan of a house is the orthographic projection of the building unit. Elevation represent a 3 dimension view of the house plan in a 2 dimensional plane. The elevation plan provides the builder an overview of the complete house, i.e., how the house will look after it is constructed. An elevation plan shows the details of the foundation, doors, windows, roofs, sunshades and other exterior features of the building unit.

1 bhk House Plan

The 1 bhk house plan is perfect for single or young couple if your budget is low and the space to build is less. One bedroom plan can't seems to be comfortable for a floor plan but it can be considered planning in an apartment. However a single bedroom plan can be considered for floor plan if you want a specious and good looking house despite of less area. Have a look at this creative house plan this may be smaller in size but not in your eyes.

2 bhk House Plan

The 2 bhk house plan is perfect for small families, couples or old people. The two bedroom house plan is suitable for ground floor plan as well as for apartment. The 2 bhk house plan gives you more space, comfort and privacy. The 2 bhk house plan can be opted for both large or small plot of land. The design of house plan should be such that it gives you a spacious environment even if the area is less. Take a look at this 2 bhk house plan to get inspiration for your homes.