Sunday, 24 February 2019

Bedroom design ideas

Looking for some inspirational bedroom design ideas? If you are searching for inspiration and great ideas to design your bedroom the best way you can then go ahead! The basic design of bedrooms should suit the person occupying that room. The main component of the bedroom is the bed. The types of beds should be selected considering the number of people going to live in that bedroom. Most of the bedrooms are designed for 1 or 2 adults. So there are some options of beds for you to choose from:
Single Bed : Suitable for one adult
Double Bed : Suitable for two adults
Triple & Quad Bed : If you live in a shared room you can go for these types of beds where three or four people can sleep.
Queen & King Sized Beds : If the bedroom is spacious and more elegancy and comfort is needed this will be right choice.
Twin Beds : This type of beds can be used for children's room this will provide them their own separate space.

Selection of Colour Scheme 

Let us inspire you to introduce a colour scheme to your bedroom that suits your mood and can give you refreshing feel. Go for a colour schemes that is pleasant to your eyes, the colour that reflect your mood, the colour which excites as well as relax you. You can choose from clean neutral colors to bright light colour or the bold colour scheme. Stick to a theme based color schemes or you can go experimental. Keep your bedroom colour light and bright or give a touch of bold colour with light colour or go for a dark bold colour which ever you like. If the space is less white or bright colour will be best as it provides deepness in the space.

Bedroom Lighting Design Ideas

Lighting is a key player of the design it can be bold, bright, dim or dramatic. Go for a combination of lighting just setting up a lamp besides the bed or fixing lights on ceiling is not much inspiring. The lighting design should meets your requirement from reading, relaxing, dozing to sleeping. You can go for overhead lighting with movable stand to lighten up certain areas for reading on your bed or armchair. Hanging lights matching the bedroom design pattern will give a beautiful look to your bedroom. Installing lamp besides beds with varying intensity from dim to bright will be a good option to consider. Enhancing the ceiling with multiple lighting instead of a single light. Go for a smart lighting in the sense that the light pattern which will enhance your bedroom colour scheme.

Add Wallpaper that Serve a Purpose

You can use wallpaper to personalize your bedroom. Introduction of wallpaper in your bedroom can liven it up to an unexpected design. You can choose from simple pattern wallpaper to colorful wallpaper with flowers, patterns or paintings carved on it. You should be choosing wallcover matching your bedroom colour schemes. A perfect wallpaper will be your winning ingredient for a gorgeous, stunning bedroom design.

Magnify with Mirror

Magnify your bedroom with mirror to reflect your personality. A large mirror by the side of beds would deepen the design statement of the bedroom. A strategic addition of mirror  will sparkle and enhance the bedroom design to a great level. If you want your room to be a bit wider add the magic of mirror it will visually expand the room.

Bedroom Ceiling Ideas

Go experimental with your bedroom ceiling. Most of us just focus on furniture, colour or wallpaper but don't consider ceiling as a design element. But a ceiling modelling will add an unexpected stylish look to your bedroom. If you dream of a space to release pressure of everyday life you can give yourself a peaceful retreat by a comfortable ceiling view. You can add some molding, curves or architectural touch to provide a stunning view to your eyes. You can use white or light colour for your ceiling. A touch of sky blue colour to your ceiling would give a calm, cool and soothing pleasure to your eyes like sky.

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