Saturday, 4 August 2018

3 BHK Modern House Plan

Virtual 3D walkthrough of single storey 3bhk modern house plan with one garage

Plan Description

This house plan consists of 3 bedrooms, one dinning cum drawing hall, one kitchen, one bathroom, one staircase and one garage built in a area of (52'x36') 1872 sq. ft. The total area of the plan is (60'x42') 2520 sq. ft. besides 15' wide road. A free space of 5' is provided at the front and a free space of 3' at the right, left and back of the proposed building plan. The plan is north facing. A 30' wide and 5' deep open porch is provided at the front of the building. The front area from the entrance to the garage is paved. The stairway is provided at the entrance. On entering we have the large dinning cum drawing hall with wide picture window. This plan has three spacious and large bedrooms with wide windows for better air circulation. A master bathroom is provided next to the garage and next to it kitchen is provided. Each units of the building such as bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen as well as garage internal door opening leads to the large dinning cum drawing hall which makes it easy to roam around in the house. 

Full Specification and Features  

Total Area              : 2520 sq. ft. (60'x42')

Built up Area          : 1872 sq. ft. (52'x36')

No. of  Bedroom     : 3

Bedroom 1              : 14'x16'
Bedroom 2              : 15'x19'
Bedroom 3              : 15'x15'

Bathroom                : 10'x8'

Kitchen                    : 10'x12'

Garage                     : 13'x16'

Outside Free Space

Front                        : 5'
Left                          : 3'
Right                        : 3'
Back                         : 3'

Open Front Porch     : 30'x5'

Have a look at the slideshow below to get the idea of the plan discussed above.


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    - Cassandra Rose