Thursday, 28 December 2017

Types of Stair Styles


Stairs are the series of steps connecting one floor of a building to another. It provides quick and easy access to different floors.To understand the staircase elevation plan we must know these terms and symbols: 

Steps - These are represented by series of parallel lines in plan. One riser and tread combines to make one step.

Treads - These are horizontal steps of the stair on which people steps to walk.

Riser - These are vertical component connecting treads.

Handrail - These are railings provided to grab by the hands while ascending or descending on the stairs.

Landing - These are the level surface of the staircase provided at the end of the stair flight.

Flight - These are the set of steps between landing. 

Staircase - This is the enclosure of the above component forming the complete stairway.

Types of Stairs

There are various types of stairs depending on the arrangement and shape of the steps:

1. Straight Stair

There is single flight run in one direction with or without intermediate landing. These stairs are provided where long narrow space is available generally at the entrance of a building.

2. Dog-Legged Stair

There are two flights run in opposite direction with an intermediate landing. These stairs are provided where the total width space is double the width of the srep. This type of stair is mostly used in residential building.

3. Quarter turn Stair

There are two flights turned at 90 degree with an intermediate quarter landing. This type of stair is provided in residential building to give stylish look.

4. Half-turn Open Well Stair

There are two flights run in opposite direction with an intermediate landing having open space between the flight. This type of stair is provided where sufficient space is available.

5. Quarter-turn Open Well Stair

There are three flights with two quarter intermediate landing. Each flights are turned at 90 degree. There are open space between the two flights. This type of stair requires more space and can be provided in residential as well as public building.

6. Bifurcated Stair

There is a wide flight at the start with mid landing. Two narrow flight originates from the mid landing in opposite direction. This type of stair is provided in modern public building where there is large space available.

7. Curved Stair

These are curved in shape and require skilled worker for its construction. This type of  stair is provides a stylish look and should be provided where broad space is available.

8. Spiral Stair

These are spiral or circular in shape. All the steps are connected with a centre post. This type of stair is provided when less space is available. This is sometimes provided at the rear of the building and in the shop. These are made up of concrete, stone or cast iron. The cast iron spiral stair can be easily intalled anywhere.


  1. Who knew stairs could be so complicated to choose? I'm currently in the process of buying our first house so am planning out what I want to to look like, it's good to know there are so many stair options to think about! Nikki x

  2. Wow! I had no clue there were this many types of stairs and how different they all were. This is so so interesting!

  3. I had truly no idea that there were so many options for stairs & their individual names. I'd love to have a spiral stair one day!

  4. I never knew building a stair case was so involved. My parents built a house, and I remember the "extended conversation" about the staircase between my Mum and Dad, and then Dad and the builder.

  5. I can't say I ever thought about the different stair case types but guess it's important if you're building a house.

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  6. I have always wanted a spiral staircase. I love both metal and wood but I am yet to live in a place that would accommodate one.

  7. There are numerous to pick dependent on their size, style and plan. A similar thing can be said to manufacture your can.