Friday, 22 December 2017

Types of Bedroom Styles


Bedroom is a room of a house where people sleeps. A human spends more than 30% of his life in a bedroom. Any bedroom should be designed as per their purpose of serving one or two adults, children, guests or teens. A bedroom should be so located as to maintain privacy. It's one wall should be an outer wall of the building so as to get plenty of natural ventilation and light. A modern bedroom often have attached bath and water closet.

Types of Bedroom

There are several types of bedroom depending on the purpose of serving adult, children or teens. A bedroom location is the most important factor while planning. Bedroom should be located in the direction of prevailing winds to get plenty of natural breeze. Doors and windows location should also be considered while planning. Windows are so located to allow maximum breeze enter the room. Doors should be arranged in such a way that it's opening should not affect the privacy of bedroom. Furniture placement is also an important factor while styling bedroom to provide enough circulation space as well as decent and stylish look. The placement of beds should be such that cross currents pass over the bed and the bed do not catch the passerby's sight when door is open.


Master bedroom is the largest of all other bedroom in a house. A master bedroom is often provided with an attached bath and water closet. It is designed for the use of the adult person of the house. It should have good lighting, ventilation, furniture placement and storage space to provide great comfort to adult person to relax and release stress and troubles of the day.



A childs is the most cheerful member of the family. A separate room should be provided for children to relax, play and sleep. It should get plenty of fresh air and sufficient light. The wall of the room should be of light colour and may be provided with painting of children's choice. Furniture should be less to avoid overcrowding and there should be enough storage space for toys. This will help them keep room clean when not playing. It should be easily accessible from other rooms especially from kitchen for the mother to look after the chilldren.



Teen spends most of their time in bedroom. Teen's bedroom should be designed not only for relaxing or sleeping but for studying purpose also. Study area should be calm and free from noise. It should receieve gentle breeze with frequent air exchange for studying. Sufficient space should be provided for stocking study materials and reading. A teen's bedroom environment should reflect their personality. The wall of a boy's room should be of light colour and provided with painting of sports, modern technology, cars, etc., as per their interest. Girl's rooms wall should be of pink or purple colour as these are their favourite colour. There should also enough storage units to keep their things safe at proper location.



Guest bedrooms are provided to accomodate guest. It should be isolated from other bedrooms and have an attached bathroom to make guest stay in comfort and style with more privacy. It should have light, breeze and ventilation. The wall of the room should be of light or neutral colour to create comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.


  1. This is interesting. I like how you mention the different functionality of the different rooms.

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  3. In in the market for designing a new guest room. After all of these years, im converting a defunct office into a living space. I'll be back for more tips.

  4. Nice post. I always find Children's bedroom a fun place. So many creative things to do.

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