Friday, 29 December 2017

How to Style your Kitchen


A kitchen is a much more than a place for cooking. Modern days kitchen is becoming more stylish and beautiful with amazing kitchen cabinets and high-tech kitchen appliances. Kitchen should be designed according to its placement in the house. When it comes to designing your kitchen layout plays an important role. The whole functionality of kitchen solely depends on the layout choosen. No matter how stylish you make your kitchen with beautiful cabinets and appliances if the layout is not perfect the kitchen will not be perfect. It is the layout of the kitchen which makes it easier to cook, eat and socialize in the kitchen. A kitchen layout focuses on the placement of the cabinets, appliances, sink, cupboards, doors, windows, furnitures, etc. So, it is absolutely important for you to first decide on the layouts which best suits your home and basic needs. The most common kitchen layouts to choose from are:

1. One Wall Kitchen

This layout should be used where less space is available generally in the small house or appartments. It has single work-top where all the appliances, cooking units, washing units, storage units are integrated along a single wall. Sink is provided in the middle of the cooking unit and the storage unit for clean-up convenience. Since kitchen is on one wall the rest space should be utilised for dinning purpose.

2. Galley Kitchen

It has two work-top parallel to each other with sufficient walkaway space in middle. The work-top has kitchen cabinets and appliances fixed along adjacent wall on both sides of walkaway. This walkaway often leads to a dinning area nearby.

3. U-shaped Kitchen

This layout surrounds the work-top from three sides and one side is kept open or a door is provided to connect with the dinning area. The work-top has kitchen cabinets, appliances, sinks, cooking units, storage units fixed on three wall of the kitchen. This type of kitchen is generally small with lot of cabinets and storage space.

4. L-shaped Kitchen

The work-top with kitchen cabinets, cooking units, appliances, cupboards, sinks, etc., are fitted on two walls. The work-top forms L-shape along the wall. These wall often surrounds the dinning area.

Styling your kitchen

Arrangement of Kitchen Units

Kitchen units has two components :
  • Kitchen Work Triangle                                    
          It is the relative location of :
          Place of cooking (Cooking units like oven or stove)
          Place of washing (Washing units like sink)
          Place of Storage  (Storage units like cupboards, refrigerator)
  • Kitchen Platform
          It is the horizontal plane provided at certain height on which oven and sinks are placed or                    fixed. This is also called working platform. Cupboards are provided below this horizontal line            to store heavy kitchenware and food containers. Overhead cupboards or cabinets are provided              to store light kitchenware and small container of food items.

Location of Door

Doors should be located at one corner and opens inside to the wall. This will provide more working space in front of work-top.

Location of Window

The window should be provided next to the sink area . This will keep cooking area free from dust and gas flame undisturbed from incoming air flow. It will also provide proper ventilation.

Location of Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan should be provided over cooking range or oven. This will help in removing smoke, smell and moisture efficiently.

Location of Work-Top

The width and height of work top should be convenient for working activities. The shelf or cupboard above work-top should be at comfortable height to reach.

Store Room

A store room if needed should be provided along with kitchen. The walking distance between kitchen and store should be convenient and should not obstruct the working space.



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