Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Understanding the layout plan

Building layout plans are graphic representation or the blueprints of the structure that is going to be built. It is tough for common people to understand the plan but can be easily understood by engineers. But this step by step building layout design guide will help you understand the plan like a pro.

Building Drawing

Building is the structure that is built. This structure needs to be planned before it is raised for this purpose we need a drawing or layout plan. Think of a simple residential building , what it content?  A residential building comprises drawing room, bedroom, dinning hall, kitchen, toilet, etc. Have a look at the simple layout plan. To understand the plan first we have to get familiar with the symbols and  layout drawing.


Walls, Windows, Doors and Sunbreakers - Symbols

Walls are the permanent solid fencing which encloses an area, carries loads and provides safety to the superstructure. Exterior walls are represented by thick parallel lines and interior walls are represented by thin parallel line. A break in the wall represent doors and windows. Sunbreakers or chajjas are  represented by dotted lines.


Drawing cum Dinning Room- Symbols

Drawing room is the common room connected with all other rooms. It is generally centrally located and the very first room of a house as we enter. It is used to draw guest, sitting, relaxing, watching T.V, for small get-togethers and sometimes as a temporary bedroom for guest.

Kitchen- Symbols

Kitchen is the place where food is prepared. So, the better planning of kitchen is important as the health, comfort and happiness of the family depend upon the quality and cleanliness of the food prepared in the kitchen. A kitchen should be well illuminated and receive sufficient sunlight during day. It should be located nearer to dinning room.


Bedroom is the place used for sleeping or relaxing. A human spends almost half of his life in a bedroom. So, it should be well planned to get plenty of natural breeze. Privacy should be considered during planning of a bedroom. Doors and windows are so arranged that if they are opened, the privacy of bedroom should not be affected. Sometimes bedrooms are provided with attached toilet and dressing room for better privacy.    

Bathroom & Water Closets- Symbols

Bathroom is the place where human baths and wastewater is disposed off. It should be well planned for the hygienic purpose. It should be well ventilated to dispel odours and control humidity. It should be planned in such a way that atleast one of its wall should open to external air. A tiled wall upto a height of 1 m should be provided.

Guest Room

Guest room is designed for the accommodation of the guests. A guest room should be isolated from other bedrooms and provided with a separate bathroom and toilet. It should have good light, breeze and ventilation.


Verandah is provided for sit-out or relaxation. It should be well planned to receive plenty of nature's gifts, i.e., sunlight, winds, moonlight and breeze. It is the place where one can enjoy the sunlight in the day and the moonlight with gentle soothing breeze in the night.


Stairs are represented by series of parallel lines with a direction line indicating the up or down direction. Up direction is represented by solid lines and down direction is represented by dotted lines. Stairs provides vertical circulation and connects one floor to other. It should be well planned to withstand sufficient load and should be easy for human circulation.


Grouping is the assembling of above all components. The shape, design and look of a building depends upon the grouping of various individual units. Have a look at the above sample drawing to get the idea of grouping. To understand the plan have a look on the plan from the top. Now try to raise the structure as per the symbols that is the wall, window, stairs, etc. This will give you a 3D perspective. This will help you in understanding the plan like a pro. 


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